What You Don't Know About Ocean And Marine Biomes

Just exactly as there are daily activities going on and on on the land surface of the earth day by day so it happens that there is an ongoing and constant activities going on and on everyday under water most especially inside the deep oceans of the world.
Well, don't think wedding parties yet.

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Inside the ocean, the are a variety of living organisms and animals in existence, 
Even till today, researchers are still finding new species of organisms which are located deep inside the ocean.

Among all other organisms that exist in the ocean one of them is the Anglerfish.
Aquatic biomes in the ocean are called Marine biomes.

Organisms which that the marine biomes as their habitat must first get adapted to the salt in ocean water.
For example many have organs of excreting excess salt.

There is a zone in the ocean called the intertidal zone.
The intertidal zone is located along the coastline which is covered by water at high tide and is exposed to air at low tide.

The intertidal zone constitutes of many nutrients and it is open to sunlight,
As water keeps moving in and out, the temperature keeps changing.

This change in temperature requires adaptation of organisms that live there such as the barnacles.

Barnacles secretes a substance like cement that anchors them to rocks in the intertidal zone.

Organisms in the ocean must be able to withstand high pressure of water, complete darkness and very cold water.
There are hydrothermal vents in the ocean floor and organisms always gather around it.

The producers among them are the single celled chemoautothrophs.
This producers make use of chemical compounds to manufacture their own food.

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