What You Do Not Know About Causes Of Soil And Land Pollution

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First, what is soil?
Soil is a mixture of mineral, plants and animal materials that form during a long process who may take like thousands of years.

It is the thin layer of organic and inorganic materials that covers the earths surface.

Now, what is soil pollution?

Soil pollution is the build up of salts, pathogens ( organism causing diseases), chemical compounds and radioactive materials which can affect animal and plants life.

Soil pollution is defined as the build up in soils of persistent toxic compounds, salts, radioactive materials and chemicals that have adverse effects on animals health and plant growth.

             Causes of soil pollution:

The following include the major causes of soil pollution.

1. Domestic waste
2. Increase in agricultural land
3. Increase in urbanization
4. Agricultural activities
5. Industrial activities.
                      Domestic waste:

This includes waste from used products which we used at home which may include cans from canned foods, spoilt or decayed food substances example milk, fish and meat others include vegetable oil spillage, and spillage of waste water.

          Increase in agricultural land:

 Agriculture has contributed greatly to our survival but it is sad to say that agriculture also has contributed much to pollution directly and indirectly, example, pesticides and herbicides and fertilizers used by farmers pose as a threat to the soil.

           Increase in urbanization:

This increase in urbanization has lead to a number of things that affect us adversely in our environment.
For instance: In urbanized areas there are mainly big firms and industries mostly due to the availability of constant electric power supply in urban areas, these manufacturing industries pollute the land by releasing heavy waste materials from the industries into the soil as a result of wrong channelling of their waste pipes and thier ignorance of the impact of those chemical wastes to the soil and to us the humans.
This wastes may include crude oil spillage, oil spillage, chemical spillage as a result of leakage etc.
 So, here I've explained 3 and 4, now the last one is:
               Agricultural activities:

clearing of forestlands in preparation for agricultural practice can expose the land to flooding, erosion and direct impact of acid rain to the soil in areas of occurrence,
- spillage of oil in areas of mechanized agriculture.