Here's How Feeding Relationship Works

Hey guys, here we are today on feeding relationship between organisms.

In feeding relationship among organisms we have the following:

Consumers: these are organisms which depend on other organisms for food,
by simply feeding on other living organisms, they obtain the organic nutrients which is necessary for their survival,
They include all fungi and animals, a few plants and some bacteria.

Herbivores: herbivores feed on producers (algae and plants) examples of herbivores include mice, deer and rabbits.

Carnivores: this group of consumers depend on animals for food.
Examples include lions, tiger, polar bears, spiders, frogs, cheetah, leopard etc.

Omnivores: this group of consumers feed on plants and animals.
Examples include human being, crows, pigs, pitcher pants etc.

And we also have the decomposers which help to break down the remains of dead organisms and some other wastes to release simple inorganic molecules back into the environment.
The decomposers are of great importance in the ecosystem and they are classified by type of organic matter they break down.

Scavengers: this group of decomposers consume the soft tissues of dead animals.
A good example are the blowflies, vultures and racoon's.

Another group is the detritivores which consume dead leaves, animals and organic debris on the soil.

And the last one is the saprotrophs which include the fungi and the single celled protozoa, they are the last decomposers, they feed on the last remains of dead organisms.