Importance Of Exercise To Your Body As A Whole.

We've probably seen people engaged in serious exercises or have heard a lot about it's health benefits.
Today we'll be looking into the importance of exercise to our entire body system.

The importance of Exercise includes the following:

  1. It Gives strength to the Lungs.
  2. It strengthens the heart as a muscle.
  3. It helps in reducing blood sugar level.
  4. It helps in controlling your body weight.
  5. It helps to strengthen the bones.
  6. It helps in regulating your blood pressure.
  7. Exercise makes you feel happier.
  8. Regular exercises increases your energy level by boosting your endurance.
  9. Exercises is a source of fun.
  10. They are great moment to socialize.
  11. physical exercises helps you sleep better.
12. Exercise is good for your body, mind and soul.

1. It  strength to the lungs:
One of the major benefits of exercise is it's ability to make the organs of our body stronger, so as a matter of fact exercises whether regular or not regular helps to strengthen our lungs.

2. It strengthens our heart:
Exercises helps to strengthen our heart, describing the heart mechanically it's more like the engine of our entire body comrising of many arteries and vein.

3. It helps to reduce blood sugar level:
By engaging in physical exercise the level of sugar in your body system is burned out and is reduced to a very low rate so it won't be a threat to the health.

4. It helps in controlling body weight:
One of the benefits of exercise is its ability to burn out some of our bodies constituent which when not burned out or reduced tobeatinimum rate could cause mor harm than good in our body, so, exercise helps in burning out fats in our body to maintain a healthy body weight.

5. It helps to strengthen our bones:
No exercise is a waste of time, let's take for instance running, as you run at a very high speed, even at a slower speed you will notice that the way you started is not the same way you feel at the middle of the race, in that aspect it makes the bones of your body stronger and firm on the ground.

6. It helps in regulating your blood pressure:
Another importance of exercise Is that it leads to good function of your heart, by increase in heart beat and regulating your blood pressure.

7. It makes you feel happy:
For those who really enjoy in engaging themselves in form of exercise or another, exercise is a real form of happiness for them.

8. Regular exercises helps increase your energy level and boost your endurance:
And its true, good exercises helps to increase our strength and also increase our endurance. If you observe closely you'll notice that a person who exercise regularly can not in any means be compared to the person who spends almost all the hours of his day indoors.

9. Exercise is a source of fun:
Family and friends can meet up to engage in one or two physical exercises.

10. It is a great way to socialize:
During your time exercising there are chances you will meet up with people who has the same interest in what you do.

11. Physical exercise helps us sleep better:
Exercise to an extent takes our mind our from some of our worries so, it helps us sleep better.

12. Exercise is good for your body, mind and soul:
As it makes us free from worries, it fills our heart with peace, joy and serenity.