Must Know About Environmental Disturbances And Parasitism Alteration Of Habitat

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Today we will be looking into Environmental disturbances and Parasitism as one of the major factors that alter our habitat ( our environment ).
Before we move further into this beautiful new topic of ours, we'll first of all have a hint on what environmental disturbances is all about.

Environmental disturbance:
Is a change in the environmental condition that cause a noticeable effect on the ecosystem.
Disturbances often have great effects aand they occur sharply, which alter the physical structure, visibility or appearance of the environmental constituents both botic and abiotic components of our environment.

The major ecological disturbance are as followed: 
Windstorm, fires, flooding, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Insect outbreaks, Volcanic eruption, Climate change aand Firestorm,
Also we have anthropogenic disturbances.

These anthropogenic disturbances are the disturbances resulting from the activities of us humans which are not eco friendly, so work against the balance of our environment.

Under Insect outbreak we located parasitism.

We Humans have altered nature in many ways that has lead to the outbreak of certain diseases.
This include conversion of forest lands to agricultural land changes the environment dramatically for parasites and their hosts, and this has raised concern for human health.

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