Learn About Parasites And Know How To Avoid Them In Your Environment

Parasites are a major cause of mortality in the developing countries of the world.It affects over half of the worlds population, they pose as a threat to people who has a low immune system as a result of sickness or ailment, example people suffering from HIV infection.

A variety of new diseases have actually taken the seat of VIPs and have taken place of high reservations in big places in a couple of years back.

Parasite are a group of a large group of organisms known as eukaryotes. 
Parasites are quite different from bacteria and viruses judging from the features of their cells in relation to that of human cells  which consists a defined nucleus.

In terms of size, parasites are usually bigger than bacteria, though some form resistance environmentally but are comparatively small.

All parasites reproduce but some parasites only replicate in a host organism,
And some can freely multiply in the environment.

Some parasite constitutes of one cell as in the case of Giardia.
Giardia is among the most common cause of parasitic diseases in places like the United States of America.