Land Use Theories And What You Must Know

Hello special person today we'll simply be looking into the land use theories as it is really important in a developing or developed countries and as it concerns environmental management and toxicology.

The land use theories are divided into three types which describes the land uses in a city, these theories are:

1. Descriptive theories
2. Exploratory theories
3. Speculative theories

1. Descriptive theory:
Involves description of the urban situation not necessarily the solution.

2. Exploratory theories:
This involves exploring certain aspects of urban lives but not in totality.

.. Speculative theories:
These tries to bring the modern concept of planning by forecasting or foreseeing the modern way of planning.

These theories were formed during 1925 to 1945, they were mostly developed in countries like in the United kingdom and United States Of America.

These theories attempt to find out certain relationship between the city and its population.

As a result, the concept of transportation ( of resources) developed a new meaning, thus developed the concept of inter relationship and interactions through various actions.

In descriptive theory it could be either of two which include ordinals or denominational.