Kitchen Knives And Machetes Can Shock You, Here's Why

Today we will be looking into the hazard of using a knife or a matches on electricity or on a live wire.

Many at time we find out that some switch in our homes, rooms, hostels, stores, shops and houses are having  electrical faults and at times as I have observed in some places of residents within the school environment students go further ahead in removing those faulty switch completely leaving the wire to the switch completely visible and naked in most cases, it may be the wire meant to switch on the light bulb or to on the electric cooker or your microwave and that's where we come in.

Anything that is metallic in nature used against live naked wires must pass electric current iinto your body and most times because wwe are putting on our shoes or our slippers it makes the circulation of the electric current incomplete and that's why must time we can only receive an electric shock no matter how terrible it is and not die because the circulation of the electric current is incomplete.

You can as well imagine a scenario where you are wearing nothing on your foot.

In cases like this one  electric current is passed through your body easily as the human body serves as a good conductor of electricity and you not wearing anything serves as a medium by which current is passed more like serving as earth wire used in buildings aas lightning arrestor.

Assume there is power during the time you stick the knife in the socket and you happened to stick the knife in the live point. if you are properly insulated from the ground I.e. the earth, you will receive no electrical shock because the circuit is not completed. That is, the current flow is not linking any conductor.

So most knife, have their metal blade visible even up in their handles which even makes it extremely dangerous same thing could be found in some machetes as well, and for those knives that are somehow completely coted or have completely covered handles you can still observe that the blade inside could still be very close to your hand as some parts of the metal blade though completely covered but are directly or immediate to your hand as the cover is so thin.

So be careful in how you use a knife as this could lead to fatal domestic accident which may even lead to naming or complete loss of life.

And another thing is even when completely covered the nuts or nails holding the metal blade and the handle are mostly good conductors as well, just so you know, so BEWARE.