The Biggest Reason Why Most People Don’t Succeed

A lot of people aren’t seizing opportunities for
success because they don’t believe they can succeed.
Even if they could do something that would make
them successful, they don’t believe they can do it.
And that self-limiting belief is enough to stop them
from taking those critical first steps for success.
Here’s why: a lot of people are not aware that there’s
greatness in them. They don’t believe that they can
unleash it. They don’t believe that anyone would want
the value that they have to offer. They don’t believe
that they’re worth very much.
The reason they don’t believe in their self worth is
because they’ve been programmed to believe that.
They’ve been programmed to believe that they’re not
worth much. They’ve been programmed to believe
that they have to stay mediocre all their lives. They’ve
been programmed to believe that they can’t buy the
big house or the Ferrari because someone else said
so. Once a person lives with a certain belief, they are
going to operate on those beliefs.
In other words, they are going to take action based on
those beliefs that they have.
But the good news is:
Our actions can dramatically change if our beliefs
dramatically change too.
All there is to change is beliefs.
Think about it.
Has there ever been a time when someone else
(usually parents) told you that in order to be
successful, you have to go to school, get an
education, get a stable job and work hard for
someone else. And maybe one day you’ll be able to
You probably believed what you were told and went to
school like everyone else, got a good education and
landed got a job. But what you don’t realise is that by
doing that, you are more than likely to end up broke
by the time you’re 65.
So instead of continuously listening to the people who
have got you mediocre results today, choose to listen
to a different type of person. Listen to and learn from
successful people who are producing better results
than you.
Listen to those who encourage you and tell you that
you could do more than what you ever thought was
possible. Continue to listen to those encouraging
words even if you aren’t so sure if that was true.
Because remember, the human mind tends to believe
the things we’ve been told. So if you love encouraging
words that people tell you, choose to believe it. Get
excited about it. Keep listening and let those positive
words re-program the quality of your beliefs. Over
time, you’ll discover yourself enhancing the quality of
the actions you will take, and hence the results you
will achieve..